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Sure, but to Gene's point - you're not going to be installing crapware with Chocolatey - but the MS Store pre-loads your machine with a shit ton, and really, the only way to get rid of if all is using PowerShell.

I love the first post for info sake itself... I just don't see the need to mention Choco in the same thread - it serves an entirely different purpose - not to mention the fact that it isn't even loaded by default, so if it's there - YOU know it's there.

And again, you know how to install and uninstall applications with Chocolatey.

But you may not know (or want to know how to learn to use Microsoft's App Store) and maybe you prefer to use a shell to remove applications from add and remove.

While you know what you've installed with Choco, doesn't mean you know how to remove programs like in the OP which, again installed during the evening hours without me having installed it.