@fuznutz04 said in EdgeMAX Alpha release v1.8.5alpha1: @JaredBusch said in EdgeMAX Alpha release v1.8.5alpha1: @fuznutz04 said: @JaredBusch said: @fuznutz04 said: @JaredBusch said: @fuznutz04 what type of OpenVPN? Site to site? I have wrote up that process before back when I was learning EdgeOS originally. I can update it and make it clean. No, I was looking to set it up as a server so I can remote in via the OpenVPN client. Basically, secure access to my home network when I need it. Right now, my experience with Open VPN is limited to the package available for PFSense. I'd like to do the same on my ERX. I have that setup also. both as a certificate based and as a password based. at different sites. I really need to make new documentation anyway. You would be hailed as "the man" if you produce that content and share it. It is already on the ubnt forum. buried somewhere in posts I made 2 years ago there. Just needs updated and reposted. Hey Jared, Any update on this new guide? I'm getting ready to replace a PFSense router with an ERX and the only thing holding me back is a working OpenVPN solution for the ERX. I've been working on IPSEC VPN issues that are client affecting and have not had time to revisit the OpenVPN process.