One user on our domain cannot print without the RUNDLL32 process ended..Back again

  • I've been having this problem with one of our users & one printer on our network, she is able to print for a little bit, but after awhile nothing will come through. Only after ending the process does the print come out, & what's weird is the computer she is on acts like the print sent without a hitch. I originally disabled the print notification as this has been a culprit in the past with various other random users, but that didn't fix it. She has since moved to a different workstation & the issue has followed her, also I recreated her profile from scratch. No one else is having issues with the printer in question. Also this has been happening to her pre & post pushing printers out via GPO.
    Extra information:
    This has been happening now on two different servers (2008 rs & server 2012), two different workstations, & even two different profiles.
    Also the same user has had this problem with two printers, the office’s original & the replacement which replaced the original a few months back. I’ll be glad to answer any questions and get this figured out once & for all as it's an annoying issue that happens multiple times a day.

  • Are you using roaming profiles?

  • @Dashrender said:

    Are you using roaming profiles?

    Yes we are

  • That explains why the problem is following them to another machine.

    When you recreated the profile from scratch, did you delete the data from the network location that stores the roaming profile?

  • @Dashrender - yeah we got rid of everything associated with the profile, we also used a different login username as her name had changed & needed to be done soon anyway. So we treated this new profile like a brand spanking new user.

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