Disaster Recovery Made Easy… as a Service!

  • You probably already know about the built-in VM-level replication in your HC3 cluster, and you may have already weighed some options on deploying a cluster for disaster recovery (DR). It is my pleasure to announce a new option: ScaleCare Remote Recovery Service!

    What is Remote Recovery Service and why should you care? Well, simply put, it is secure remote replication to a secure datacenter for failover and failback when you need it. You don’t need a co-lo, a second cluster, or to install software agents. You only need your HC3 cluster, some bandwidth, and the ability to create a VPN to use this service.

    This service is being hosted in a secure SAEE-16 SOC 2 certified and PCI compliant datacenter and is available at a low monthly cost to protect your critical workloads from potential disaster. Once you have the proper VPN and bandwidth squared away, setting up replication could almost not be easier. You simply have to add in the network information for the remote HC3 cluster at LightBound and a few clicks later you are replicating. HyperCore adds an additional layer of SSH encryption to secure your data across your VPN.


    I should also mention that you can customize your replication schedule with granularity ranging from every 5 minutes to every hour, day week, or even month. You can combine schedule rules to make it as simple or complex as you need to meet your SLAs. Choose RPO of 5 minutes and failover within minutes if you need it or any other model that meets your needs. Not only are you replicating the VM but all the snapshots so you have all your point-in-time recovery options after failover. Did I mention you will get a complete DR runbook to help plan your entire DR process?

    We know DR is important to you and your customers both internal and external. In fact, it could be the difference between the life and death of your business or organization. Keep your workloads protected with a service that is designed to specifically for HC3 customers and HC3 workloads.

    Remote Recovery Service is not free but it starts as low as $100/month per VM. Contact Scale to find out how you can fit DR into your budget without having to build out and manage your own DR site.

    Original Post: http://blog.scalecomputing.com/disaster-recovery-made-easy-as-a-service/