MangoLassi How To Post a Picture from Any URL

  • On ML you can upload a picture using the little "picture" icon but that is only useful if you have a picture on you computer that you want to upload for us to host. That's fine but quite often you are going to watch to simply link to an image that is hosted somewhere else already and you just want to provide a link. Well you can do that, there just isn't a handy button for it. The syntax is very easy. Instead of the picture button, use the link button. This provides you with the link dialogue. Just like when making a link, replace the "link url" with the full path to the image (including the http:// part) and replace "link text" with "image.jpg" and in front of the whole thing add an exclamation point. Okay, that sounds like a lot, but do it once and you'll see how easy it is and then adding new images in the future that you already have hosted elsewhere is super simple.

  • I've been wondering how one would go about doing that. Thanks.

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