GPO GoogleChrome - Extension Uninstall/Deny?

  • How to deny an extension (Google Hangout) via GPO? We already have GPO template installed, and it is now pushing some Extensions to certain OU. One of the manager request to restrict Google Hangout from all Chrome browser.

    Under Chrome template > Users > Policies > Admin template > Google > Google Chrome (Enterprise) > Extension > Configure Extension installation blacklist... I already enable nckgahadagoaajjgafhacjanaoiihapd; but it still enabled.

    I use ID; to push extension so I am under the impression it also works for deny as well.

    any idea?

  • Banned

    Tell the managers to manage their employees?

    Otherwise your best bet is to block it with s content filter

  • Put the app/extension ID alone in the Chrome extension whitelist and blacklist policies. The $ID;$URL format, like you have in the OP, is only used in the Configure the list of force-installed apps and extensions policy.

    FYI, rather than selectively blacklisting I choose to use * in the blacklist policy to deny all. I then explicitly allow certain apps/extensions in the whitelist policy. And finally there are a few of those allowed apps/extensions that I have force installed like uBlock Origin, LastPass, Chrome Legacy Browser Support, etc. It's worked well for me and the clients I manage.