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    I just received this email today and thought I would share.

    Dear Jared Busch,

    Important Information for users of the Atlanta, Montreal and Toronto servers (more specifically atlanta.voip.ms and montreal3.voip.ms).

    These changes are done in order to improve the quality of service and also to be able to scale up our equipment transparently in the future.

    There will be a change of IP Address on the atlanta.voip.ms and montreal3.voip.ms servers. We are also adding additional servers in selected cities. See below for more information.

    What are the changes?

    The IP address for the host atlanta.voip.ms will be replaced May 11th after 1:00 AM EDT (05:00 GMT) with the following IP address:
    Server atlanta.voip.ms NEW IP Address:
    (Old address: atlanta.voip.ms
    Note: Server atlanta2.voip.ms is unaffected by these changes.

    The IP address for the host montreal3.voip.ms will be replaced May 11th after 1:00 AM EDT (05:00 GMT) with the following IP address:
    Server montreal3.voip.ms NEW IP Address:
    (Old address: montreal3.voip.ms
    Four new servers will also be added with the following hostnames:
    New Montreal servers: montreal5.voip.ms, montreal6.voip.ms, montreal7.voip.ms and montreal8.voip.ms
    Note: Servers montreal.voip.ms, montreal2.voip.ms and montreal4.voip.ms are unaffected by these changes.

    There will be no IP address changes affecting Toronto servers, but 4 new servers will be added May 11th after 1:00 AM EDT (05:00 GMT) with the following hostnames:
    New Toronto servers: toronto5.voip.ms, toronto6.voip.ms, toronto7.voip.ms, toronto8.voip.ms

    What you may need to modify

    If you are using the hostname of any of these servers (e.g. atlanta.voip.ms), there are no interventions required on your part. However, if you have concerns regarding the transition and you want to make sure that there are no issues when the DNS is updated with the new IP address, please reboot your router/device after the IP switch is done. If you are using a Softphone, like Zoiper or Xlite, a restart of the software may be required.

    If you are currently using the IP address of any of these servers to connect directly to them instead of the hostname (e.g. instead of atlanta.voip.ms), please update with the new IP as the IP switch is completed. The VoIP.ms issue tracker will be updated as soon as the IP switch is finished. (It is not recommended to use an IP Address directly with VoIP.ms)

    We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience these changes may cause, if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact the VoIP.ms support staff via ticket or live chat.


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