Wordpress CRM connected to Wordpress users

  • Hello,

    I'm trying to implement a CRM into wordpress where the CRM will use the profile data from the users. Users would later be able to add data using forms on the WP site. Depending on their needs they can fill in a form. The data inputted should be able to be exported and adjusted by backend users. Front end users should only be able to adjust fields allowed to change by the backend user.

    I'm looking for a 'free' or not to expensive solution, this is my first experience with this.
    I am still learning the basics of html, css, wordpress etc, so a aint a advanced user.

    thanks for the help in advance!



  • @Dirk Most "webstore" software will already include most of what you seem to want. The only thing they may lack would be exporting data, and that may be available depending on what data you want to pull out. Without spending days getting more details on exactly what the project entails that's about the best I can do.

  • I think I asked this in the original thread but... why not use a CRM that lets you do more than just CRM rather than trying to connect a CRM to WP? SugarCRM might do everything that you need in a single package, for example.

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