System Event Notification Service service failure

  • I have had several machines lately start giving me the following error.

    event error.JPG

    This first occurred on new laptop that I had just pushed an image onto. The image was specifically pulled from an identical machine. The only way to solve it was to give local admin rights (I had to give this machine to a user ASAP - fix it later).

    Well I have that original machine back. I spent some time looking around on Google, one option was about deleting a Font Cache, but this proved fruitless.

    I decided since I had little invested in this machine I'd reimage it again and see what happens. Right away I get the same image. OK Fine, I'll make a new image. Well.. no more than I get the first driver (video from HP) installed, reboot and BAM... same error.

    This is on Windows 7 Sp1 x64.

  • I've uninstalled the single driver (video driver provided by HP in their driver rollup) and installed the latest version from HP's website. The Intel HD 4600 driver refused to install, indicating that it wasn't meant for this system.

    After a reboot with the new video driver, the problem seems to be gone.

  • Ah the trusty reboot 🙂

  • @scottalanmiller said:

    Ah the trusty reboot 🙂

    You misunderstand... the reboot was a required part of the newer driver install. I don't believe it solved the problem.

    I had rebooted several times with the first drive to no effect.

  • Even more puzzling is that this problem seems to be caused by a video driver.

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