Default Domain Policy GPO

  • So I'm doing some clean up on my GPOs.

    A very long time ago I unlinked the Default Domain Policy because the previous person messed it.

    I've removed most things from it, but I can't seem to remove the folder redirections, and there is a "extra" thing in there that the ADM used to create appears to be gone.

    I found the matching contents of this extra entry in a file called Registry.pol in the \\sysvol\policies{Default GUID}\USER directory.

    Can I just delete that file?

  • I found this post

    it talks about creating my own Default Domain Policy and changing the associated GUID, but I don't want to do that.

    I also found DCGPOFIX which claims to be able to reset the Default Domain Policy - but I'm concerned it will delete the rest of my GPOs.

    Anyone else dealt with any of this?

  • Yeah I've done it before. It just resorts your default policy. It doesn't affect your other gpos

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