Authenticating to Azure Storage Account on Local Windows PC

  • I'm trying to work a little more with Azure and find my way around. I'm currently testing how to work with storage accounts and file shares.
    I've managed to get a file share setup and i'm at the point where i'd like to map it as a local drive on my windows PC.

    I'm falling over at the authentication screen where you'd typically enter your network credentials to then authenticate to the server and access shares.
    Maybe a silly Q, but what should username be? I've tried the domainname\email address, just the email address, just first name, but anything I do wont authenticate...Does it need to be subscription\email address? Just wondered if anyone has faced this.

  • We've used a bit of Azure functionality but have not used their individual storage, I'm afraid.

  • This seems odd - is Azure Storage Account suppose to act like SMB shares on a local Windows Server?

    I've hear of doing weird things like mapping a drive letter to an FTP site, but again, that seems weird.. and this seems like something similar.

  • So I figured out how to do it.
    It is possible to map a local shared drive to a Storage account in azure using the net use command in powershell. There is an access key generated within azure which is needed when processing the command.

    I just need to play around now with permissions and GPO to see if I can get multiple connections working

  • Neat, I need to play with this as well.

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