Elastix Endpoint Configurator model updates

  • I am going to be purchasing the T42G phones for the deployment that was just approved.

    Anyone know if the configurator can be updated?


  • Not through an official channel. I've not done much with that aspect (huge annoyance for hosted) but, in theory you could update it with your own settings.

  • Not much of a time saver for the environment I am going to be installing, but if there was an update I was missing someplace, it would be nice to get the system setup anyway.

  • As long as you are fully patched, that's the latest update.

  • I actually started down that path in Q1 of 2013 when we deployed Elastix at my main site but ran out of time. Back then the T32G was not part of the configurator, but I did find this gem, which may help you:
    link text.

    I got as far as adding the T32G to the phone database on the server so that it would show as an option when Elastix detects the phone. But that's as far as I made it.

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