Side Projects

  • I dabble in all sorts of things when I'm not at ServerMonkey, but my cash cow is band and home business websites because it's quick, painless, and there's not a lot of upkeep. If I didn't live in a part of town with a lot of millennial entrepreneurs I probably would have to have a legitimate business model. I have a few VPS with RimuHosting along with a few older things in my "home lab". I spend a lot of time on CodeAcademy and pick up Oreily books through used bookstores around town to support my hobbies.

    Websites aren't my strong suit (yet), just something that's always in demand.
    Sample: (Just a basic wordpress site with a theme.)

    Running a Frankenstein Dell Precision 690:
    -2x Quad-Core Xeons
    -8Gb 5300-FB Hynix
    -Perc 5i w/BBWC
    -4x 146gb 15k (Raid 10)
    -1000w PSU
    -GTX 580 Video card
    -Dual Dell S2240M 21.5" HD monitors (on books because can't adjust height.)
    -Old clinky keyboard and Dell optical mouse
    -Giant green leather thinking chair

    Also have a old modified Dell Studio 1555 running Ubuntu, Kali, Windows, and a few other things i forget are even on the Grub menu.

    Thanks for looking, I'll update when I can remember something more interesting haha.


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