What do you do besides IT/hobbies!

  • Not sure if anyone already posted this. Just curious what you guys do besides IT.

    I recently started to work on one of my dreams, to be a magician (not full time though, but would like to show some cool tricks to my friends! 🙂 Got some stuffs online and practicing! Its nice to have something other than IT to think of sometimes! 😛

  • I am going back to school to finish up my Bachelor's degree. I play the piano, am learning Spanish (through Duolingo), I love to cook and eat (just not clean-up).

  • I am the sound gal for a band. Sing/play flute in another band from time to time and am currently learning to play keyboard.

  • Other than IT and my hobby of gaming, I'm an amateur voice actor. I'll retire from IT around 50 or so, then head to school to take that talent further. Once I lose some more weight, I'll be getting back into Krav Maga (I had tried earlier, but realized that I'm far too fat).

  • Writing, travel, reading, video games, classical guitar.

    Really, I pretty much only work and spend time with the kids.

  • I love playing golf when I get the chance as well as reading fantasy literature. Another hobby of mine is doing math tutoring. I used to be a high school math teacher and really enjoy staying sharp with some tutoring.

    I also like spending time with my 4-year-old. We go to the park, go on special dates, and just have great fun together.

  • When i was in Province i love Gardening.. But now i love going to Mountain, Running and Joining Charity Fun Run.

  • I am an audiophile but have not had the space or time to enjoy that in a long time. I still own some good gear, though.

  • Mountain biking, building things (carpentry), wife and I like travel, but hard to do with us both being business owners. I also love fast vehicles. Currently building out my f150. So far 13.5 1/4 mile. Dats it.

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