Allowing end users to install network printers

  • Hey guys.

    Whats the best way to do this?

    I've tried doing this before once or twice and haven't been able to get it to work.
    Our support guy is getting slammed, today alone he's having to install 2 printers onto about 30 computers.

    I forget what I did the first time but I remember last time I tried to get it so the printer was added to add/remove programs

    Any help/tips/links are greatly appreciated.

  • You need to get your GPO's setup for this! Then when they login with domain creds you can assign them printers by their location

  • Ya (so if memory serves) you add the printer drive into GPO correct? Then it shows up under the add/remove?

  • @Sparkum yeah more or less

  • Ya definitely tried that and failed.
    Not really sure where I failed though. but them simply never showed up in add/remove

    Not sure if something else conflicted or what.

    Thats esentially my only option though eh? / Best option

  • @Sparkum by far your best option - don't forget once you make changes to the GPO you need them to log off / log in. You can force it to sync to be sure (but still needs log off/on) with CMD running: gpupdate /force

  • From memory,
    Install the printer on a server, install all driver versions needed for that printer.

    Even if you are setting up an IP direct printer, you can have GPOs tell the systems to pull the drivers from a server. There are 3-5 other GPO keys that you need to set to allow users to install printers as non admin.

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