Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro Bluetooth issues

  • My Yoga 2 Pro has lost bluetooth a few times. the device goes into a malfunctioning state and is difficult to fix.

    I've found these instructions to fix it.

    Make sure that your bluetooth drivers are up to date. Intel and Lenovo claim that they have addressed some of the problems. So updating a driver shouldn’t make things worse at least
    If your bluetooth mouse stops responding, try Alt-Tab switching between metro and desktop applications. Often this would restore life to the mouse pointer
    If your Windows 8.1 bluetooth settings are gone altogether, then bluetooth adapter has quit working. Rebooting the computer may or may not fix it.  If you open Windows device manager you may see a failed device with comment “Descriptor request failed”. Rebooting the machine will not fix this issue. To fix – follow these steps:
        select the failed device in Device Manager
        in the “View” menu, select “View by connection”
        Go up two levels from the failed bluetooth adapter and right click on USB host controller device.
        Disable and then enable the host controller back. You should now have your bluetooth back
    Playing with power management options might also help according to some users.

  • ^ That sounds like a lot of dumb workarounds for something that shouldn't be an issue.

  • Pretty sure it's driver related.

    I didn't get online last night, so I haven't checked to see if there is a new driver for Windows 10.