Power Monitoring

  • I'm putting this here as a thought and I will be doing some searching as well.

    I know many SMART level UPS units have the ability to log power fluctuation.

    But is there a way to monitor / report on power that is network connected that would bypass the 'word of mouth' issues?

    This is over a 'issue in fail-over' that occurred at a site today in NY. Client hasn't mentioned anything about the power going out,.. but log files are showing that everything rebooted....

  • You would most likely need to have a UPS recording what happened on the power line to see that the power went down.

  • It'd be pretty easy to build an arduino / rpi widget to do this and email you every day. I'm not sure if anyone makes a dedicated unit, it'll likely be part of your UPS stuff.

    Our Eaton unit does it I think

  • Sample of the weekly report we get from the eaton unit in CSV:


  • @MattSpeller said:

    Sample of the weekly report we get from the eaton unit in CSV:

    Thanks for dropping that into a spread sheet. easier to follow the fields.

    Yes,.. I was thinking of a simple Arduino / RPi system..

  • @gjacobse no sweat m8

    That's one of 4 reports it gives us. I hate to toot their horn for free but they're a pretty skookum unit. We also have a temp/humid sensor additionally attached so in the screen cap below thats the internal temp and we put the other sensor on the top of the rack so we get room temp worst case