Red Hat and CentOS 7 Due This Month

  • Big news for those of us working in the Linux space regularly. Is everyone ready for this? How many people have applications still stuck on RHEL 5 and older?

    Right now, I have one database that is trapped on RHEL 5 for one reason or another. I think that all of my RHEL 6 systems can update to 7 without a problem, although that remains to be seen, of course. The biggest problem is that Elastix is still only available on RHEL 5. They have RHEL 6 support coming in their next major release but.... RHEL 7 will be out before Elastix makes it to RHEL 6!!

    Everyone ready for the migrations to come?

  • The Elastix team really needs to work on their upstream updates process. This is the single biggest thing against the product.

  • They got their Asterisk packages very up to date. Only the OS is behind.

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