Economics and the TPP

  • I felt this was an absolutely amazing read! Shared originally to me by Trevor Potts:

  • Good read, but it actually fails to mention some other important aspects of TPP

    "An agreement that some campaigners have called the “biggest global threat to the internet” has just been signed, potentially bringing huge new restrictions on what people can do with their computers.

    The Trans-Pacific Partnership is the conclusion of five years of negotiations, and will cover 40 per cent of the world’s economy. Its claimed purpose is to create a unified economic bloc so that companies and businesses can trade more easily — but it also puts many of the central principle of the internet in doubt, according to campaigners.

    One particularly controversial part of the provisions make it a crime to reveal corporate wrongdoing "through a computer system". Experts have pointed out that the wording is very vague, and could lead to whistleblowers being penalised for sharing important information, and lead to journalists stopping reporting on them."

  • I have follwed the EFF postings about the TPP for years. It is the single worst thing to ever be negotiated. I can only hope that things like the above can get spread around and shine a light on this before it actually gets signed.

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