Help! The internet thinks we're in France

  • As per the title. Whenever I browse a website at the office, it thinks we're in France. For example, if I go to it redirects to This is on all devices on our LAN. It's connection related not device related, because mobile devices are fine when connecting via a different internet connection.

    If I go to, say, it correctly identifies our geolocation as Northampton, United Kingdom, so the IP address settings look correct.

    I don't know what else could be indicating France. The router? The firewall? I'm not aware the country can be set on those?

    This has only started happening recently, and I'm not aware of anything that has changed on-site that could have caused it. I'm completely flummoxed. Don't websites use the geolocation details of the IP address to identify the country, or is there another setting that some are using to (incorrectly) identify us as being in France?

  • Or is it possible that there are several Geolocation databases out there, and one is incorrect but the others are correct. This would explain why correctly identifies us as UK, but Audible incorrectly identifies us as France. Ie the two website are looking up our IP address on a different Geolocation database - one is correct and one is wrong. And if that is the case, what do we do?

  • I don't know how to find a definitive list of geolocation databases. A quick google has listed a few popular ones, which I've checked and alll say we're in the UK. They are: (neustar think we're in Wales, which is wrong but good enough).

  • @Carnival-Boy said:

    Or is it possible that there are several Geolocation databases out there

    This is my guess. Geolocation is hugely inaccurate and problematic. For years when I worked in London Google was convinced that I was in Germany.

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