Cannot Change Configuration in Conserve Mode on Fortigate 80c

  • I am facing a problem in my Fortigate Firewall as it shows the conserve mode error suddenly then i can not apply or save any setting.

    So how can i avoid that error ?


  • i found that the memory usage is more than 70% and this is one of the reasons of this problem .. but at the same time the firewall works with its basic capicity as i have disabled alot of features like ( AV Antivirus , DLP , Email Filter ) and i am working as flow based not as Proxy.
    the Fortigate Firmware is 5.0 Patch 12


  • It has been a long time since I've used a Fortigate. But the last two that I used had to be rebooted when this started happening. I'm sure there's a way to restar the services that you do use from the CLI, but as I said, it has been long time for me. Have you disabled the Intrusion Prevention tools yet?

  • both Vulnerability Scan and Intrusion Prevention are disabled