Powershell - Disable a Leaving or Terminated Employee - AD

  • The below script will revoke all permissions and disable a specified user account from AD. Additionally it will attempt to reboot their computer if you un-comment the indicated line.

    	Try {
    		$userInput = Read-Host -Prompt "Leaving Employee"
    		$user = Get-ADUser $userInput -Properties memberof
    		$invalid = $false
    	} Catch {
    		$invalid = $true
    		Write-Warning "Invalid Entry"
    } While ($invalid)
    $user | Set-ADUser -Enabled $False
    $user.memberof | ForEach-Object {
    #This line removes all group memberships besides "Domain User", confirmation is not required per membership. If confirmation is required modify "-confirm:$false" to be "#-confirm:$false" without quotes.
    	Remove-ADGroupMember -Identity $_ -Members $user.samaccountname -confirm:$false
        # Un-Comment the below two lines and modify to match your PC naming convention.
    #$computer = "$($user.samaccountname)-w7a" or "$($user.samaccountname)-w7"
    #Restart-Computer -ComputerName $computer -Force
    Write-Output "Account is disabled, and if found their computer has been restarted."

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