What is New in Synologys Upcoming DSM 6.0 Release

  • Synology's NAS operating system DSM is currently in beta. Soon we will have Synology DSM 6.0. Find out what new features are coming down the pike.

  • The biggest change... BtrFS

    Btrfs File System

    The Snapshot and Replication technology that comes with the advanced Btrfs file system reduces the impact of massive reading / writing on hard drives and high bandwidth consumption caused by traditional backup, while allowing for flexible point-in-time recovery of files - instant protect your data with state-of-the-art data snapshot technology.

  • 64-bit architecture1

    DSM 6.0 switches to 64-bit computing to ensure you always benefit from the most popular and efficient architecture, in a completely transparent fashion. This allows your DiskStation to process parallel processes more efficiently, so you can do more in the same amount of time. In addition, 64-bit architecture enables more available RAM on new models in the future.

  • We will be waiting quite some time to see how 6.0 shakes out before we touch any of ours