Global Tech Equipment Rentals

  • So in looking at our existing practice of having to send equipment (iPads) around the world to contract employees it boggles my mind that no one here (where I work) has discussed (at least with me) the idea of just renting the equipment in the country that the equipment is needed for.

    Nothing spectacular is configured on the devices, we simply download an app and sync a database. Many time we just download the app and make the contractor deal with it.

    Does anyone know of equipment rental companies that work globally? Help us to save the cost of shipping the unit there and back. Plus all of the added risk of the equipment simply walking away in a foreign country where we literally have ~0% foot hold.

    Certainly no legal standing, and no ability to chase the item down.

  • Likely none work globally, way too complicated. You'll likely need local companies in each country.

  • Any recommendations for companies that the community has worked with?

  • Unfortunately no. We at @ntg used to provide leasing for Upstate NY but have gotten away from that, too much complication without enough benefit. We have never leased gear ourselves, especially internationally.

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