Link for Centos 5.7

  • I need to download the centos 5.7 iso from internet.I have tried in Centos Website but there are 8
    iso present for the Centos 5.7.
    Any link for the Centos 5.7 ?

  • You realize that 5.7 means it is unpatched, right? You should never run 5.7. The current patch level for CentOS 5 is 5.11.

    Hopefully no one provides a download for 5.7 as that should not exist now that it has been patched with important updates.

  • CentOS took down the 5.7 ISO repository long ago.

  • I agree, this is a case where downloading the fully up to date version that CentOS provides is what makes sense. The overall version is 5. The .7 or .11 is just the patch level.