VMware Issue

  • I am having issue in opening the VMware Workstation 7,I tried to update the Kernel but the kernel does not updated.
    Now I have installed the VMware Workstation today only but the issue comes with kernel moduler during open.

    Why this happenn?

    vmware error

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    You are trying to install VMware Workstation on Ubuntu? Why? I've never heard of anyone wanting to do this. Why use an expensive product instead of VirtualBox which is free?

    Part of the issue here is that you are using an old version of Ubuntu, I'm sure.

  • Are you still working the same job with the crazy boss who tells you to do stupid shit for no reason?

  • Sorry the boss is not even gives any work,since I given resignation mail to my office.
    There is no work to do so trying to do things in new manner

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    @Lakshmana said:

    There is no work to do so trying to do things in new manner

    In that case, let's work on moving to good business experience. This is the kind of thing that your old boss would have had you do. Do not use VMware Workstation. If you need a type 2 hypervisor, first thing is to get the current Ubuntu, not an old one, and then use VirtualBox.