Sharepoint farm setup automation

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    Really busy days, that i dont get enough time to check ML, and missing quite a lot i guess 🙂

    One of my projects was to setup a 3 tier SharePoint farm, and found a scripted way of setting it up, much faster and automated than the traditional way of manual installation and seems like its pretty famous in the SP world.

    Very straight forward 3 step process; Create AD accounts for SharePoint, use the online "Build a Farm" form to fill all required information like server names, service accounts details, password, mysite, portal etc and then download the script along with the xml file from the form and run it either from a central location or on each server depending on your installation. Spend a good 1 hour to fully understand the whole form and that's it, sit back and the script will do the rest. Prerequisite also includes that you already have SQL server installed and configured.

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    Very cool, thanks.

  • Hmm thats actually pretty cool