installing Elasticsearch - parsing error

  • I tried installing this yesterday but ran into this parsing error.

    Following these instructions from Digital Ocean I added the GPG key

    rpm --import

    which succeeded, then created the repo entry for yum using VI

        name=Elasticsearch repository for 1.4.x packages

    (I've pasted an image of my actual output in case I'm missing something I just can't see)

    When I move onto the installation
    yum -y install elasticsearch-1.4.4

    yum -y install elasticsearch

    I get

    Thoughts on what I'm doing wrong?

  • I clearly had a problem with my repos file. I deleted it and recreated it using a 'cat' method I found on another site and this time it worked fine.....

    I should have just renamed my original file to compare them to see what I did wrong when manually making the file in vi.

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