Exchange 2010 SP3

  • I upgrade my Exchange 2010 RTM this past weekend to SP3.

    Now today when I look in the Manage Full Access Permission of a user (any user) the user them self is not listed and there is a SID there instead.

    Any ideas what's wrong and how to fix it?

    Email still seems to be flowing OK and users aren't complaining about any connection issues.

  • I was almost afraid to say this because it seems so obvious, but they sounds like a reboot type fix to me. Have you rebooted since you noticed the problem?

  • Yeah I thought about that too, and yes I have rebooted a few times now.

  • I did some digging, and you aren't the first person to have this issue. I've seen discussions about it dating back to 2010. Alas, none of them appear to have answers.

  • Sounds like, if I am understanding, that this might only be a display issue and not have any actual impact? A major inconvenience, obviously.

  • I think they are remnants from the SP3 upgrade, but I'm not positive.

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