NodeBB Blog on Facebook as Social Network


    This is a great blog post from the platform creators of our community here on why communities like MangoLassi are important even with systems like Facebook out there.

  • Interesting.
    I fall into an outlier from that post. Facebook has allowed me greater access to a larger social circle. Granted it's rooted in the fact that I am part of a club called the 501st, which does have it's own forums, but many members use FB as their primary connection conduit because of it's simplicity and convenience vs using forums.

    Our club started out with a Yahoo group in 1997, and moved to a forum base in 2005. I felt the forum based move was a great one at the time, and today it definitely provides an easier place to find previously posted data. The place that I find it fails today is getting messages out to the people in a easy way. Mangolassi suffers this same problem - all forums do, and so does Facebook.

    We have information overload, there's no way to keep up. For a while my club's forums had an email subscribe option. It did mean getting 100's if not 1000's of emails a day, but I found that I was able to stay on top of information more effectively as it came in versus going to the boards manually and reading the new content.

    I'm not sure there is a real solution to allow us to stay in the know of all the things we are interested in (frankly I've never used RSS feeds - they just might be the magic pill), but I'm constantly on the lookout.

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