openvpn server doesn't provide IP gateway to openvpn clients

  • hi guys,

    i have pfSense installed as firewall and openvpn Server, just before everything was ok and vpn clients get connected without any issues, just recently i encountered a problem: the client get connected and get ip (, everything seem ok, but the client cannot neither ping remote ip address nor the ip address of the openvpn server ( , when check the client openvpn virtual interface, i remarked that he don't have any gateway (which is supposed to be, but this problem happen just recently, before everything was ok

    any suggestion ???


    • What OS on the client?
    • Disconnect the VPN.
    • Check the routing table. Run "route print" if windows or "netstat -rn" on linux
    • Note the results
    • Connect the VPN
    • Verify the IP lease is obtianed
    • Check the routing table. Run "route print" if windows or "netstat -rn" on linux
    • Compare the results with the ones posted previously

  • i have windows clients (xp and 8 all have issues), i wil do what you tell me when i get home, because now i'm in the office ( behind the openvpn server)
    see you later

  • C:\fakepath\before lunching openvpn.txt C:\fakepath\after lunching openvpn.txt

    i'm very sorry for this delay,
    you will find my route table before and after lunching OpenVpn

    thank you very much

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