What Does Your Company Do for SEO?

  • For the past several years, the company where I work has been looking to better their Google search results. Ok, make that 5 years. We talked about maybe using Google AdWords at one point (and did not pursue it), we had a company "optimize" our site around certain key words, and there are still improvements to be made. I'm not super knowledgeable when it comes to SEO, so what do you / your company do to better your online visibility? Obviously no developer can guarantee your Google search results will be high, but there are things that can be done to increase visibility in search engines.

    I should also add that the company has a Facebook and Twitter page. There are updated here and there but not consistently. This is more advertising through social media, but I wanted to mention it.

  • my wife's clothing shop has an in house marketing/web/photography fella. he's kind of awesome.

  • The best SEO comes from:

    • Using open web standards correctly
    • Having good quality, real content.

  • Pay for it, Unless you have countless hours to post random blogs and backlinks.

    I paid around $500 total to promote my fishing business. I climbed Google very quickly in a very competitive market. It was pretty easy to do since I am one the few fishing guides that is tech savy.

  • @scottalanmiller said:

    The best SEO comes from:

    • Using open web standards correctly
    • Having good quality, real content.

    I would like to add:

    • list item Add content that your users would find interesting
    • list item Write for people, not search engines
    • list item Blogs are followed because of the tone of the author or how the content is delivered which is why blogging is personal even more so for a business website.
    • list item Oh and keywords are only useful if people are actually searching for them. And Google has made this harder for you to figure out. I believe part of this to push business to create...

    better content.

    FYI copying content from MS or other vendors does not make great content for your website. Using a CD of descriptions and images for all your items your are selling is not good content. Good content is "crafted", which is why creating good content is not an easy chore.

    SEO is only one part of marketing. You should have some social marketing and e-newsletter type of marketing set up as well. If you don't have someone in house to work on marketing, you need to outsource. Do your homework, there is no magic here, just hard work that you have to pay someone to do.

  • That's really key... crafting good content is a manual chore. That's why places like Spiceworks or here at MangoLassi SEO is a natural thing because every post, every activity is part of the content. The value lever is really high. The content is all original and of a different type and updated continuously. Doing this for your own site is hard, but can be achieved on a smaller scale. You need to keep it updated and make the content really valuable. But in doing so, as long as you don't block the content through a gateway like Flash (a technology, not a price gateway) you get SEO naturally.

  • @NetworkNerd Something that just came to mind, have you tried https://marketing.grader.com/?
    I am a real Hubspot fan (of their content, don't actually use their software at this stage), this should give some points to work from.
    Another point is to make sure they are making the most of Facebook/Twitter, having conversations, monitoring customer feedback etc, and using the social nature of it to build relationships.
    Bloging regularly, keeping your website alive with fresh content will encourage Google to look at it harder.

  • I refuse to talk about SEO with my board of directors now. I will only talk to them about good content. They're responsible for providing the content and that's where I want them to focus. I had a previous CEO badger me because we weren't near the top of Google rankings for the search term "Classroom heating". I said I didn't even know we provided heating for classrooms. He said we don't, but it's something he wants to get into. <bangs head on table>. "Give me good content and let Google sort itself out"

    Google provides helpful guides on how to construct proper websites. I'm surprised by how few sites follow it.

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