Dell announces Dell Cloud Marketplace

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    A few of the Pertino guys just came back from Austin after demoing Pertino at Dell World. You're probably wondering, doesn't Dell already have networking equipment in their portfolio (Sonicwall), so why partner with Pertino?

    Cool story: Dell acquires Enstratius (web-based management tool for hosted instances). They start to think, where do we fit in in this whole cloud movement? We make hardware. They realize, hosting is a race to the bottom, and you have to continuously invest to differentiate yourself, so let's just make it easier for end users to transition. Thus we still sell hardware (hopefully to end users and data centers) and now we inject ourselves into the movement. Announcing: Dell Cloud Marketplace

    The premise is simple. They create a platform that is somewhat like the Priceline (shop your provider) of hosting providers that abstracts all the intricacies of deploying (proprietary configurations, terminology). Let's make it super simple to manage and deploy, and give you one throat to choke. Makes a lot of sense.

    Initial technology partners for the announcement: Docker (software dev and deployment), Delphix (data migration), and Pertino (secure networking)

    The idea is this will take the fear out of deploying in hosted environments by removing the unknown, vendor lock-in, and distributed management and billing.

    Do you think Dell will succeed in becoming relevant in the cloud conversation with this type of offering?

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