Office 365 Account changes

  • The old email 'system' (pop / imap) was all over the place with naming. Complete name, first name last inital, first initial last name...

    I standardize using firstinitial last name - standard AD format. So I have some errors on syncing even though I have both the old and the new standard.

    Passwords are confirmed (I forced them)..

    I've checked .. looking for some thoughts on what to look for.

  • What system is erroring on sync, do you mean the AD to O365 sync?

  • @scottalanmiller

    I want to say it is because I am changing the username. Previous email address was CNF1 and now it's ASTONE.

    However I have success on moving KAREN to K(lastname).. So it can't be that so to speak.

    This is the error:

    • Error: AuthenticationErrorException: We had trouble signing in to this account. Please confirm that you‎'re using the correct user name and password.

  • I may have my own answer...

    We will see shortly

  • @g.jacobse said:

    I may have my own answer...

    We will see shortly

    Fingers crossed.

  • @scottalanmiller
    So it might fall under the DUH! factor...

    Working from two different spread sheets to keep track of those I have migrated and the password/login information used for the script.

    I was using the NEW userid old password. ASTONE doesn't exist on the old system.. it's CFN1... Needed that.

    Thus far, the script is running and no errors. I do have one account that WAS syncing that is now reporting an error. I can still log into it with the listed password..

    Bone head error...

  • LOL, glad that it is working now.

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