Configuration of Fortinet FortiGate-200D from 2:00PM to 9:00 PM

  • Good evening to all..
    Just today our ISP went here to Install and configure their Fortinet FortiGate-200D for us
    (as per the order of the Boss.)
    So they started from 2:20 pm and they finished exactly 9:00 PM.
    Wow sounds really fun right?

    For the router (Fortinet FortiGate-200D)
    Configuration on how to Limit the bandwidth of internet per IP address
    Configuration of Firewall/blocking
    So while they're configuring the router they are having trouble. The instruction of boss is to teach us how to manages, block, etc..
    I was expecting something different super extreme, I mean i am expecting they are using other application to do that.

    I am very disappointed 😞
    wait guys some other days i will post my question about this new stuff.
    Rant-- i don't know where to post this..Just to share my day hahaha

  • Fortinet has a bad reputation for a lack of support. We had to deal with them just yesterday and we knew that they had a broken device but they would not admit it. Instead after days of the device being worked on they put the support call on hold, went silent for fifteen minutes and when they came back they said "oh, it's working now, must have just taken some time" and refused to tell us what they had done to actually fix the unit.

    They have a very bad support reputation and track record.

  • Hahah lets find out what will happen next.. We haven't tried it yet maybe tomorrow.

  • Fortinet has a serious learning curve versus even Cisco, given it's market share and such. You can't throw a rock out there without hitting someone who knows the basic IOS commands. Fortinet has unique ways of handling their configs, especially with regards to the CLI. Going into the GUI will let you easily take care of a lot of tasks, but its not as intuitive as one would expect. It took me about 4 hours to configure one for a VPN tunnel because their ipsec config was goofy compared to Cisco.

    Taking six hours to configure, especially a 200D, could be easily explained as someone working on their first or second one ever.

  • Thank you @PSX_Defector for the ideas.
    We don't use any VPN or any special configuration.
    as i mentioned it is only for :
    Limit the bandwidth of internet per IP address
    Firewall/blocking- it is bit similar to Untangle firewall.
    We will explore this stuff today while nobody is using in Production.
    I am excited to learn.
    of course will post some question pretty soon. 🙂

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