iPad Disabled: Connect to iTunes

  • Son's iPad Mini is locked.. he can't remember the code, I didn't know, DW doesn't remember it either.

    Connect to iTunes: The iPad software update server could not be contacted. An unknown error occurred (-23).

    Getting teh same error I did about 3 hours ago.. Any one seen this before?

  • Hmm... Interesting. It's on a different computer, that I see can't actually get to the internet even thought it shows connected. Running through the 'possibles' now.

  • Current IP address... but isn't getting to pages.. has to be that.

    Interesting.. since both laptops are sitting together.

  • Never mind -

    Deleted the WiFi connection, and re-connected and now it is connecting. Just over two hours to recover and update.

  • Part of the issue is the DFU / Restore on the iPad times out after about 15 minutes. Long before the software update from APPLE was downloaded.

    I let the update finish downloading, then started DFU mode and it's restoring and 'unlocking' the iPad.

  • Glad you got it fixed. My last time dealing with an iPad was a bricked on and the customer had to take it to the Apple store.

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