Folder Redirection through GPO

  • Anyone here familiar with Folder redirection?

    I'm trying to redirect the favorites folder exactly the same as I'm doing for the documents folder (which works).

    Here is a screen shot from GP Editor

    And here is from GPResult

  • OK I solved it.

    On the Settings Tab of Favorites (in the GPO), I had the two check boxes (defaults by the way) checked for:
    Grant the user Exclusive Rights to Favorites
    Move the Contents of Favorites to the new location.

    I removed the Rights one first, reboot - no go.

    I remove the Move one, and finally it worked.

    Closes thing I can figure - Windows 8.1 does not allow you to move the default items on the local machine, though I have not a clue as to why!

  • That will get you, it got me back in the day. lol