Understanding IPv4/IPv6 Tunneling.

  • @WrCombs said in What Are You Doing Right Now:

    Last night I watched a video from Professor Messer Network+ course - on IPv4 and IPv6 Addressing / and IPv6 addressing specifically.
    Tonight video is about NAT.

    is anyone here actively using IPv6 with an IPv4 Tunnel? or vice versa? I don't understanding tunneling or what use there is for it.

    here's the link to the video I watched last night if it helps

  • Tunneling is always about passing one network through another. Tunneling is just a VPN without the security. That's why it is called a VPN tunnel, to differentiate it from an insecure tunnel.

  • Example: I have an IPv4 network, and you have an IPv4 network, and we want to talk to each other. But there's no IPv4 network between us. We need to tunnel our networks somehow through whatever is between us so that we can network to each other. That in between network could be anything, NetBEUI, IPX/SPX, IPv6, whatever. As long as we tunnel through it, our IPv4 networks can see each other (but not the network inbetween).