LinkedIn and Overseas Outsourced Software Development

  • OMG, am I the only one or does LinkedIn now seem to be nothing but endless people from eastern Europe or southern Asia trying to "let me get on their schedule to talk about how they can solve my development problems". I mean, it must be 90% of all messages that I receive on there. It's as if there is nothing else in the world. And like, I work in IT, when's the last time that you know of an IT shop, or an MSP, or an MSP's customers needing outsourced bespoke development? That's not a normal thing, that's very niche. It takes very, very little effort to look at my profile and know that I'm anything but a good candidate for this - we have these skills in house, we have partners that do it, and we have zero need for it. I'm sure they are just going to anyone and everyone, but damn, talk about pushy for something no one needs. Any why is there absolutely nothing else, other than "manager coaching" that has such a presence on LinkedIn? No one is advertising anything to me except these two "never, ever would I need them" items.

  • Just the latest spam campaign.

  • @JaredBusch said in LinkedIn and Overseas Outsourced Software Development:

    Just the latest spam campaign.

    It's been going on for a while. It might all be one organization, but it really does feel like multiple. But I suppose, good spam will feel that way.

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