Proxmox: relocation project? eazy, peezy

  • 10 "old" vm's, Lenovo host w Fedora 32
    XP = 2 vm's
    2003R2 = 2 vm's
    2008 = 6 vm's
    RAID controller = LSI 9260-8i w 2 virtual drives (RAID 1 - o/s & R 10 - vm's)
    R10 is lvm2 & qcow2 files are at /mnt/data

    I shutdown all the vm's and scp'd the qcow2 files to a file share on 2nd server. (Just in case something went wrong)
    Installed Proxmox 6.2 on the R1 array.
    Added the existing r10 lvm2 into Proxmox.
    Added the existing /mnt/data as a directory to Proxmox.

    I could now go into the Proxmox shell & all my qcow2 files showed up!
    Time to create 10 "new" vm's (each with 1gb disk)
    The disks were located at /mnt/data/images/100/vm-100-disk-1.qcow2 (100 is the ID of the vm, each vm has a different ID)
    I mv'd all the qcow2 files from /mnt/data to /mnt/data/images/"vm-ID"/your_vm.qcow2

    Back to the shell, run cmd qm rescan
    Back to the gui, in each vm, detach the vm-100-disk-1.qcow2, add your original qcow2 file
    Boot up the vm!

    All in all, pretty damn easy & painless!!

  • That's awesome.