RDS - Drag and Drop / Copy and Paste - No longer working

  • HI Guys

    Odd one for you..

    We have an RDS Environment where we have Excel published as a remote app (Remote Excel). Users launch this remote app from their local device and work happily,

    Within Remote Excel is a button that when clicked converts the document they are working on into a PDF and opens Remote Outlook so they can send the PDF direct from there - all works well.

    HOWEVER, randomly on Monday, users lost the ability to copy/paste. And by this I mean they would previously copy addiitonal files from their local device and paste into Remote Outlook (attaching more files to the email). They could also Drag and Drop - which is what they did.

    It's not a group policy thing and i have ensured when they connect to the remote app they have enabled clipboard and drives in the 'local resources' tab of the RDP app!

    I'm lost for ideas on how to fix it. I have just rebooted the server as i thought maybe it was a bug kind of thing but nope!

    Note: users can COPY local files and PASTE to the Remote desktop (if they log into the fully blown RDS server - as opposed to just launch the Remote Excel) but they cant Copy and paste into Outlook!

    Anyone got any ideas?

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