Fix AWS OpenVPN Licensing

  • Recently we needed to fix an issue with an AWS OpenVPN EC2 instance that was running and the customers had 25 licenses but the system was showing only 2 licenses instead of 25 users. The Instance was already purchased and working properly but the licensing would not apply. Noticed the issue being as described on their post

    We remotely connected to the OpenVPN server and could not do any name resolution and thus we could not connect to the following licensing servers:

    These DNS names with wide dynamic IP ranges, on port TCP 443:
    And these DNS names with static IP addresses, on port TCP 443:, IP address:, IP address:

    So we changed the network interface to have a Static DNS servers. Login as the openvpn user to your instance.

    1- Go to the netplan configuration folder

    cd  /etc/netplan

    2- Edit your yml file

    sudo nano 50-cloud-init.yaml

    3- Add the name servers (And remember the indentations)

                    addresses: [,]

    4- The configuration should look like this
    5- Apply the configuration change

    sudo netplan apply

    7- Confirm your can ping the licensing servers


    8- Restart the OpenVPN Service

    sudo systemctl restart openvpnas

    Then the OpenVPN should be licensed now.

  • Thanks for adding more technical content!