PLC signal relay over IP ...

  • We have an alarm system in our production plant that has an audible alarm in the plant as well as a security company monitors and has a call out list if the alarm goes off and is not acknowledged in time.

    We also have a security guard house at the front of our property that is manned 24/7. We're wanting to see if we can set it up such that if the audible alarm goes off in the plant that the security station will also get an audible alarm. I don't think it is a problem to shoot wireless to the security station and get an IP link to there. The question though is how to propagate the alarm signal over it.

    I found this product which I think will do what we want. It looks to be a discrete signal relay over IP :

    Has anyone ever used this product or have something similar? I asked our security company but they don't have any real IP knowledge so they weren't sure what to use but they said that if we can find something that they can input their signal inside the plant and it propagate over IP to the security station then we can do what we want.


  • There are three ways to go.

    • control systems route
    • security system route
    • IT route

    Not enough info in your post to decide the best way forward. But what you found is most likely not what you want.

  • We used to use that product for redundant monitoring of SCADA system. We would monitor door latches, pumps, water levels, etc. It worked great.

    We have since moved to Raspberry Pi to meet the needs of other controls we wanted to include in our management systems.

    The control by web device will do what you have asked for above. It's very inexpensive too.

    If you have, or plan to add, custom alerts, you may want to consider something like a Raspberry Pi to give you unlimited flexibility when it comes to PLC.

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