ERROR 1366 When Important MySQL Database for WordPress

  • So you are importing a database, probably for WordPress or Drupal but it could be anything, and you can an ERROR 1366 Incorrect integer value even though you exported this from a working Wordpress system? What to do?

    Well, assuming you are using the SQL import standard approach such as...

    mysql database_name < mydatabasefile.sql

    Then just open up that file with your favourite text exitor (like vi) and at the very top, add this line....


    And run again. That generally takes care of it.


  • I've seen that a lot. When I import Drupal databases, I learnt to use its Backup and Migrate module instead, it works flawlessly. Downside is you need to do clean Drupal installation first, but that basically is just creating blank database and putting brick on enter key.