Error connecting to IVLS Proxy: Socket Error Connection Refused

  • This error can be pretty common in veterinary practices, especially if you are using products like Avimark, Impromed, or Cornerstone to talk to IDEXX lab equipment. IVLS is a Windows-based proxy service that handles communications between the lab equipment and the locally installed veterinary management software. And commonly, it crashes (but displays itself as still running.) Those working in these environments will commonly see this error:

    Screenshot from 2020-02-24 14-33-13.png

    Error connecting to IVLS Proxy:
    Socket Error # 10061
    Connection refused.

    Please make sure the IVLS Proxy is running.

    The fix for this is, at least usually, super simple. Just got into the server where your IDEXX VetLogic proxy is running (generally this is the same server as everything else is running) and open the Services dialog.

    In Services look for "IDEXX VetLab Station Service", right click and choose "Restart". That's in. In essentially all cases, that will resolve this error.

    Screenshot from 2020-02-24 14-37-16.png

  • @scottalanmiller while using the GUI works, I'm certain you'd appreciate a shell instead.

  • Oh Cool! Thanks Scott!