MeshCentral Feature Request: Web and App Tunnel

  • One thing that no one (that I know of) has that would be an amazing addition to MeshCentral, especially in this day and age, would be a way to tunnel arbitrary ports from the machine we are viewing, to the machine that we are viewing on. Even better if there is built in "launch in new tab / window" options for when it is http / https.

    Why? Examples...

    1. Any server that has a web console, but not a traditional GUI. This is great for normal LAN usage, but when accessing remotely with MeshCentral, we have no way (without firing up a remote GUI) to see the web console. Cockpit is a great example of the, or WebMin, or countless others. Would add a lot of functionality, because we often don't want any remote GUI and/or we want to work with a web console while not interrupting the local user. Would be useful, even on desktops. Needs to handle web, but often on uncommon ports.
    2. Arbitrary applications. We do a lot of web development and we do so on machines managed through MeshCentral always. It would make security easier and testing way easier if we could just fire up an application and not have to route it to the public internet to see it, or to just be able to see what the local machine would see rather than what it looks like after passing through proxies or whatever. Lots of simplified functionaltiy.

    Bonus feature...

    Tunnel non-local connections. Why? Very, very often we use MeshCentral to access a local desktop for the exclusive purpose of using its web browser to look at a local resource (such as the web GUI of a printer, or of a networking appliance - things where MC cannot be installed.) Doing this through a tunnel would be way faster, provide a much better graphical experience, speed the process significantly, and allow us to access these commonly used resources without interacting with or interrupting local users in any way.


  • Bonus Bonus Feature: Make a way to list tunneled resources in the GUI somewhere so that they can be accessed even more quickly without necessarily even knowing from which MC Agent location they are being accessed. Like having a "Printers" and a "Firewalls" listing group that can store the access details (MC Agent, Port, Web or Not Web, etc.) and have a "single click to open tab" from that list would be absolutely amazing. Our printer tech, for example, would be in heaven.

  • We run web browsers from backstage in SC for this. It's "icky" at best.

    Having this in in MC would be another very strong reason for us to consider MC over SC.

  • That is what the mesh central router is for isn't it?

    Youtube Video

  • @Romo yeah, we want that. The MC Router is Windows only, so not very useful as there isn't any Windows involved 😉