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    Hi Team
    I have an issue with an old VMWare server. There is a host VM (DC01) which fails to boot.
    Its stuck in a automatic repair loop and I dont know how to get out of it.

    I noticed (see pic attached) it says 'VMWare Tools' - Not Running - is this part of the problem?
    I have a sneaky feeling, i may need to look at running the mbr boot rec steps but my query is - what are the steps in doing this? It's been a while since last done - I can google but wondered if there was anyone here with VMWare experience who can assist or provide some troubleshooting steps.


  • So your VM is in a boot loop? That's most likely not a problem with your hypervisor but a problem with Windows. I'm not a VMWare expert, but VMware tools should be running once the operating system is up. It's basically a bunch of tools, scripts and drivers which run as "regular" applications inside your VM.

  • VMware tools start after the OS is up. Sounds like your issue has nothing to do with your hypervisor and has everything to do with your OS.

  • Try booting you VM from a 2012 ISO and run repair tools.

  • Can you get to the Windows OS volume and rename \Windows\WinSXS\Pending.xml? This will stop any updates during boot up.

  • Is this a UEFI or BIOS install? SecureBoot?

  • @black3dynamite said in VMWare - VM Boot Problems:

    Is this a UEFI or BIOS install? [...]

    Good points, but shouldn't be a problem - as long as no one freaked around with the VM's config.

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