AWK Command in Linux/Unix

  • Hello Everyone, I am new one in this community and I am looking to awk command in Linux/Unix and I know the basic commands like Printing the table line by line, Printing Columns, IF Command, String Operations, Length, Count, For, Non-empty Line, Arithmetic Operations and I want to explore more commands, I have search on google to find awk command with examples but I can't find some more commands in AWK. If anyone knows more, Please suggest me or provide me some references.

  • Is there a reason that you are looking into Awk? Awk is a programming language that used to be popular for extension text processing in conjunction with BASH. But in the last decades, its use has fallen away and that is why you won't find examples of it. It's only used for very basic things now. Languages like Perl and Python supplanted it being easier to use, better known, more portable, and vastly more powerful. Awk is really a legacy tool today.