Udemy - Black Friday deals - $9.99

  • Just got this in my email. Udemy has a ton of courses on sale for $9.99. Specifically, I was taking a look at the Python course. https://www.udemy.com/ I have not used Udemy before. Are they worth it?

  • Alot of us on here are huge Udemy fans. $9.99 is a good deal, but you can normally get them under $20 anyway. I usually pay between $12-15 for the courses during normal everyday sales.

    That being said, the courses have been great and you own them for life. I have about 20 course I have purchased from Udemy.

  • A lot of the courses will also update from time to time. So you don't have to pay for the updates going forward.

  • That's what I was hoping to hear. The content that they list VS the price you pay seems like a really good value.

  • I will also chime in and say that Udemy is great. I have been very impressed with how thorough the content for the courses I have purchased has been. Definitely worth the money if you ask me.

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