VitalPBX and Custom Contexts

  • One of my major issues with VitalPBX is the locking of the FOSS Asterisk component. They do not allow you to add your own contexts. Well the latest blog post from @NerdUno shows how to get around that.

    VitalPBX allows you a single Custom Context for free when you add the optional components.

    This one for free means one accessible via the GUI, which VitalPBX controls.

    But the way Asterisk works, it reads the entire included configuration file. So all you have to do is add the stuff you want and it ill be added to the dial plan.

    A neat hack, and enough for me to reconsider the use of VitalPBX. The thing I need to test out is @NerdUno specifically stated this is read in for dialplan. I also have a number of contexts with custom sip notify commands. If those do not work, it is less useful still.